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What's it all about ?

Seeking Inspirational Women!

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and, while this is an early notice, we are seeking participants who wish to be a part of something amazing!

We have created a series of events which are intended to serve as a PG-13 forum for women and young girls (13 and up).  The ultimate goal of these workshops is genuine empowerment of women and girls and to educate and, hopefully prevent domestic abuse and end violence against women.

The concept is to hold workshops on a quarterly basis (ideally in October, January, April and July) that are free and open to the public that are specific to women.  The topics will be broad-spectrum and will cover sometimes difficult, but necessary subjects around risk factors and identifying them before things go too far.  Prevention is the key! 

This is not intended to be a feminist stand up, political or man-bashing event in any way.  It is designed with women in mind and for them to have a safe place, in the absence of men, to learn and grow.

This is not intended to be a shopping spree or to hard sell a product or service to the attendees; although sales may happen naturally as a byproduct of your involvement.  Explaining why you started selling or doing what you do, and how it helps you personally is the angle we are looking for. 

What this is intended to be is an opportunity for women to educate and support other women through information sharing, hands-on demonstrations and structured presentations. 

We want you to inspire other women by your example so they may find their own niche which may boost their self-confidence, and create an avenue for them to make money to get them to a place of independence if they are currently in a domestic abuse situation or have not yet reached their full potential in life.

Be Present

We are seeking presenters who offer 1 hour, PG-13 presentations (audio/projector/free vendor space provided in exchange) to an audience of women and girls (13 and up).  Girls 13 - 17 must be accompanied by an adult as some presentations and vendors may have adult content or items available for purchase.  We are also seeking women to be featured in “Silhouette Stories” where we will have a backlit screen to stand behind and tell your story or, you can turn in your story and we will have a silhouette stand in read it for you.  “Silhouette Stories” are short vignettes about experiences women have had around domestic abuse, sexual assault, discrimination or other types of “Me Too” issues.

What do you bring to the table?  We are seeking vendors from all backgrounds:
- your unique and crafty home creations; something you made and designed on your own
- women entrepreneurs who started their own business from the ground up
- women who took their craft and brought it to the masses such as photographers, artists, sculptors, etc.
- professional women in healthcare, fitness, travel, real estate, finance, accounting, media, technology, science, teaching, pilots, truck drivers, dance instructors, chefs, architects, graphic design, bartenders, electricians, construction, sports…think way outside the box here ladies!
- organizations that specifically support women (i.e. shelters, women’s rights, clothing, resumes, etc.)
- vendors who have products or services that are specifically tailored for women and girls

We are recruiting women who can publicly demonstrate skills or coach individuals or an audience of women and girls; hands-on if possible
- cake decorating                                                          - changing a tire                                   - hair styles                         - interior design display    
- home improvement                                                    - checking the fluids on your car           - life hacks                          - waitstaff (how its done right)
- how to dress your body (all shapes and sizes)          - using hand and power tools                - customer service skills     - home/office organizers    
- makeup application/makeovers                                  - belly dancers, tai chi, yoga                 - scrapbooking                   - how to choose the right bra