"Belinda is an innovative thinker who responds to community needs with practical plans. She meets difficulties head on and overcomes any obstacles that are put in her path."

"I don't think even the most experienced individuals would have been able to guess it was a first time event. It was a tremendous success."

"Her management skills and ability to see the big picture as well as paying close attention to the smallest details has made this event one of the most anticipated productions in all of Oregon."

Logos, Maps, Posters, Print Ads, Souvenir Programs, Tickets, Web & Print Graphics

Barbara Dudley

Records Clerk, Newport Police Department


"Belinda is a master at organization, paying attention to details, delegating authority when possible, and making sure the people she works with are happy with their position."


Rob Spooner

Publisher, Oregon Coast Magazine

Stephan Artist

Artist-in-Residence, The Art Deco Society of California


Brian Kittel

Business Manager, Eugene Highlanders